• Optimized microprocessor-controlled stance stability and next-generation hydraulic swing characteristics provide a truly natural and comfortable gait. As the most responsive microprocessor knee available, the Plié knee captures data 1,000 t
  • Sensitive Lock/Yield Switch provides smoother gait cycle ,easier walking and more safety. Can be used from the early stages of the rehabilitation process right through to optimum mobility.
  • Suitable for a range of activity levels. The knee can be set up for low activity users who need maximum stance phase stability through to high activity users who require yielding function to descend slopes and stairs foot over foot.
  • The newest well-designed knee for high activity people actually makes your living, walking no obstacle! Representing the crystallization of modern bionics cutting-edge technology, making all the users feel it is incredible and unparallel
  • Bionic interference resistant lock and the best pneumatic control technology of international classical patent design to ensure high product quality and realize natural and smooth gait cycle from stance phase to swing phase.
  • Easy to Flex Kinematics create a knee that is easy to bend while accentuating Voluntary Control. Proximal placement of centrode provides first 5 degrees of motion which increases stability and allows easy flexion late in stance.
  • EBS means Ergonomically Balanced Stride, the knee can bend 0-15 degrees while walking, even on complicated uneven down slope ground the knee can walk naturally.
  • Unique Extension / Flexion dual air-pressure control system,capable of changing walking speed according to users demand, bring you a natural and smooth gait. Enhanced Pneumatic Control System,it gives users a feeling of easy walki

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