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Thanks for using our company products, welcome to propose the valued suggestion to our company. To accomplish “wholeheartedly serves the Chinese disabled people” goal, we will warranty the prostheses and orthosis, to protect your legitimate right, please read the following items:

The products will warranty_____ months, if has quality issues during use process, we will replace the components(except socket change due to muscle shrink)

If the products has quality issue, do not repair by yourselves, contact our service people immediately.

Even the best products in the world need maintenance, If the components breaks due to not maintain on time, patients need to response. Products need to maintenance every half a year or one year.

When you repair the products in our company, pls show the warranty card(products out of warranty still need to show the warranty card) to record, and technician will sign on it to insure the quality.

If you do not bring the warranty card we will charge you for the maintenance fee, will refund after you show the warranty card which is in warranty peried to us.

We will maintain the products the lifetime, replace the components we will only charge the cost. In the warranty period we will maintenance freely.

Customers can maintenance the products in any YOBAND Prosthetic and Orthopaedic (Shanghai) Corporation branch, to serve you and your products better, we will have after-market customer service people to call for feedback.

The upon warranty items do not cover human factor or incorrect use, accidents, attrition, self-repair or touch water etc.

The following items do not cover under warranty:

① Consumables, including but not limited to foam, sock, cosmetic gloves.
② No warranty card or other prove for purchase, or modify the warranty card arbitrarily.
③ Other force majeure include but not limited to such as earthquake, flood, traffic accidents etc. 

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