• Its suitable for valgus symptoms of children knee.The effect is good when fixed on the requested side through knee inside and outside the tortuous activity.
  • Use of the part of the body weight, in order to transfer part of the body directly to the ground, reduce the weight of the lower limbs. Support for lower limb weakness of the lower limb surgery and childrens paralysis caused by the weakness
  • Applies to all kinds of ligament injury, and can inhibit the front of the tibia to shake the symptoms, to assist in the reconstruction of ligaments, and to reduce the weight of the joint load. Commonly used in the rehabilitation of knee join
  • Ankle sprain, ankle ligament injury, ankle instability patients. It can prevent caused due to the foot and ankle eversion and inversion sprain, reduce pressure on the ankle joint injuries, strengthen fixed and help ankle heal faster. With th
  • For rheumatism arthritis, tenosynovitis, synovitis, joint hyperplasia, varicose veins, sprain, patella softening and joint effusion has good results, and on fracture healing have a good role in promoting. Wear suitable knee can reduce the kn
  • Apply to tonic, spasm and cerebral palsy induced hip adduction, rotary deformation, adult hip injury, adult hip joint dislocation, after hip surgery need to strengthen the protection of patients. Can control the hip adduction, abduction, fle
  • Applicable to weak ankle, foot drop phenomenon or ankle bending shape symptoms patients, lightweight, durable, easy to use, and keep the ankle joint activities.
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